Friday, November 24, 2006

The health care insurance system of the Alzheimer disease in Japan
By having trouble with one's Alzheimer, the tragedy may be brought about with a household and relatives. In Japan, the news of "mother murder by an Alzheimer disease" was introduced to Asahi Shimbun in recent years.
In recent years, symptoms develop in middle-aged prime and the Juntendo University School-of-Medicine psychological-medicine classroom where the impact on office or a household observed a serious juvenilis Alzheimer disease will establish special outpatient departments for the first time at home from April, Heisei 11. Professor Arai of this size is saying, "I would be for diagnosing at an early stage and starting treatment, and would like to support from the field of medicine, a wellbeing, and a caregiving on the basis of an early diagnosis and treatment also in an Alzheimer disease."
As a medical system supporting the patient of an Alzheimer disease, there are an attend health care cost public expenditure burden system, a mental disability health-and-welfare notebook, etc. From a first-medical-examination day, the medical certificate for a mental disability health-and-welfare notebook application can be indicated only after it passes six months or more.