Thursday, November 23, 2006

The source and symptoms of the main Alzheimer diseases are based on atrophy of the senile plaque by beta amyloid, and a brain. However, although atrophy of the cerebral hippocampus is made into the remark useful to diagnosis of an Alzheimer disease (AD), it is not clear whether it is specific. Precises, such as a work of an Alzheimer disease, a source, the present condition, are given to a below-mentioned. Many Alzheimer diseases to a women are seen. Since there are many Alzheimer diseases among the womens of a postmenopausal, the postmenopausal and the therapy which fills up the estrogen of a female hormone are also explored.
However, in the case of a juvenilis Alzheimer, since there is also a case by inheritance, it needs to keep in mind that the direction of Alzheimer-type dementia stays as a relative. It seems that it is good to receive forgetfulness dock and a medical checkup of the brain immediately when you think that it is as uneasy as possible. Since the subjective symptom is thin, there is a case of which it is notified that it is an Alzheimer for the first time in it, seeing a cerebral radiogram by a medical checkup of the brain by recommendation from a household in the case of a juvenilis. Moreover, the trial which attaches diagnosis of an Alzheimer disease in the status of calling it "mild cognitive impairment" (MCI) attracts attention.
As a causative agent of an Alzheimer, a probability that protein called p25 was participating in the onset of an Alzheimer disease was reported by the group of Harvard University. Moreover, it says for an unusual substance called the amyloid beta protein to accumulate in a brain, and for a neurocyte to become extinct. As for this, the team of Professor Matsuki and others of the University of Tokyo postgraduate-school pharmaceutical-sciences system postgraduate school traced that beta amyloid of an intracranially had barred the signal transduction between neurocytes in 2002.