Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The present condition of the therapy for an Alzheimer disease

Moreover, many of remarks as which the sources, such as apoptosis, a neurofibrillary tangle, etc. in an intracranially, were not solved by work of the Alzheimer in recent years as an Alzheimer disease progressedThe research result that a reduction of the insulin production ability of an intracranially etc. originated unusually [ insulin signal transduction ] was published by the medicine magazine "Alzheimer's Disease" November issue. From this, an Alzheimer disease says that it is possible to be diabetes mellitus another type almost similarly to neuroendocrinopathy. A probability that diabetic medicine could use for the treatment of an Alzheimer disease came out from this.
However, since there are many genes, such as hypertension and inflammation, as risk factor of an Alzheimer disease, it is premature to insert an Alzheimer disease in the frame of endocrine diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, at present. ((Dr.) being [ Bibliography : ] the U.S. Indiana University aging research center, an Alzheimer disease, and a nerve psychiatric disorder centre head substitute Hugh C.Hendrie of the professor of a psychological medicine)
The pan of aluminium (aluminum) is spoken about with the source (risk factor) of the Alzheimer. By using the pan of aluminum, there is also an opinion of being because aluminum being taken in inside of the body since aluminium melts with heat.
The present condition is that there is no medicine of an Alzheimer for the moment. the source of an Alzheimer disease is -- the present condition is not understanding clearly. Therefore, there are also no medicine and therapy which are effective against an Alzheimer. Although the medicine "Aricept" appeared as a medicine for an Alzheimer disease from pharmaceutical-company Eisai in Japan, it is supposed that it will be very effective against a number of percent of early persons.