Monday, November 20, 2006

A progression of an Alzheimer disease
Although an Alzheimer is differed from, since the symptoms which were alike in early stages of dementia may come out when an elderly develops quite severe anemia, a blood test is required. The normal values of a hemoglobin value are 13g of mens, and 12g or more of womens.
If an Alzheimer advances, neither a household's face nor its own room is clear anymore, and the eccentricities of those who have trouble with their Alzheimer can see. Therefore, as for the present condition, there is also much instance in which a hospital is hospitalized without the ability to care for only with a household. Moreover, there is also the present condition of not grasping the caregiving procedure of the patient of an Alzheimer.
As a corporation, there are a person of dementia and a household's meeting (the old Association of Family Caring For Demented Elderly).
However, the present condition is that there are not a specific and a therapy which works for the Alzheimer which advanced. It is also for easing the household who cares for and nurses an Alzheimer, and the far and near psychologic and mental and corporal stress which both live as a merit put into hospitalizing the patient of an Alzheimer, or an institutional.