Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The sickness and symptoms similar to an Alzheimer disease
As a sickness similar to an Alzheimer disease, there are depression (depression), brain tumour, multiple cerebral infarction, chronic subdural haematoma, the hypothyroidism, a drinking, a nutritional deficiency, anemia, 恐牛病, aging, disuse type dementia, etc.
It cannot be distinguished whether the household on whom an Alzheimer and dementia both live since symptoms are alike is an Alzheimer, and whether it is dementia in many cases. A multiinfarct dementia occurs after cerebral apoplexy. Although cerebral infarction and the cerebral hemorrhage of cerebral apoplexy are representation, it is said that a multiinfarct dementia happens easily within two years after these onsets.
As for Parkinson's disease, the shortness of dopamine of an intracranially and the rise in relative acetylcholine are considered to be sources. However, the source has not resulted in the unravel about a reduction of the dopamine secretion quantity, and the rise in acetylcholine.
An Alzheimer disease is a cerebral degenerative disease and, generally an Alzheimer disease reaches an advanced stage rapidly. Cerebral apoptosis is [ Alzheimer disease ] related. Although the hereditary thing is also known by the Alzheimer, many of Alzheimer diseases are generated in a sporadic. It is said that a familial Alzheimer is inherited to a children. In recent years, the subject of a juvenilis Alzheimer and a familial Alzheimer appeared in the drama of Nippon Television of an Aoto Ogata Mr. starring drama "even if Mr. Pure soul - forgets me."