Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Symptoms of an Alzheimer disease

Various signs can see as early symptoms of an Alzheimer disease. Probably, it is good to confirm whether be an Alzheimer disease about the following instances at a reference.
Six to seven years before being diagnosed as an Alzheimer (dementia and dementia), various early symptoms will start in many cases. It is the trait to forget a front for a while in early stages, although driving of a car, a golden compute, etc. can be performed. The person himself/herself is also aware of his forgetfulness in the early stage.
It is that it is not remembered that early symptoms are [ in which learning ability falls ] the newest of an Alzheimer. It is said that logical thinking power is lost and the name of a thing and people's name stop furthermore, ceasing to come out. However, since these symptoms are what may happen also to whom, it is hard to realize with the early symptoms of an Alzheimer.
In the terminal symptoms of an Alzheimer, following symptoms and signs can see and becoming impossible according to an Alzheimer disease increases.
His household is not clear anymore. Neither a name nor a face is clear anymore. A progression will reduce the power of understanding and judgment. When an Alzheimer advances, it becomes impossible to make the prandial which its room is not clear anymore and becomes a missing child in good order.
However, there is much sickness of the symptoms similar to an Alzheimer.