Friday, November 24, 2006

The present condition of an Alzheimer

The patient of an Alzheimer disease of Japan is said to be estimated 1 million people. An Alzheimer disease is a typical disease of the dementia on a par with cerebrovascular disease, such as cerebral infarction.
In Japan, there are many instances to an elderly for which the symptoms (his teens, his twenties, and his 30's) of the Alzheimer were checked as a juvenilis Alzheimer in recent years although it was sick, so that 20 - 65 or older-year persons are told that one person shows the symptoms of an Alzheimer. The juvenilis Alzheimer disease of 40 sets and 50 sets of primes is increasing. The case where symptoms develop at the age of less than 65 is a "juvenilis Alzheimer." in recent years, the dementia (Alzheimer) of youngs aged from 18 to 64 is especially increasing -- it says.
100,000 people are said to be although there is no exact statistics of the patient load of a juvenilis Alzheimer. About 30 percent of the young dementia patients put at around 100,000 people is considered to be an Alzheimer disease. It is said in the American that the incidence of an Alzheimer disease is high. As for this, the impact of a prandial is also called source. As a celebrity, it announced officially that former President Reagan was suffering from an Alzheimer disease for the sickness by the letter in its own hand on November 5, 1994.

"-- the sick notability of President Kunio Takami of meeting" (a secretariat and Kyoto, Japanese Alzheimer's Association) of the household who holds was low, and dementia also had a prejudice and discrimination at the time of ". It was estimated that the opportunity which anyone can become that a recognize that it is sick needed to be circulated and you did not need to hide was born by the presidential publish."