Friday, November 17, 2006

Prophylaxis of the Alzheimer disease in Japan (what was reported in a television or mass media)
The test of an Alzheimer will be introduction in 2006 at "the medicine of the excelling household where is dreadful to a truly" of TV Asahi. slovenly -- Mr. Toshiko Okuzono famous for cooking -- can tongue prophylaxis dish It had advised on "the Alzheimer full overcome menu [!! ] made from today." Mr. Okuzono's prandial of Alzheimer prophylaxis -- reserving -- one-week preservation in a refrigerator is possible as a vegetable -- "-- tomato bean paste & -- mackerel -- it was fish powder."
The recipe which excelled and was introduced in the program of the "Alzheimer" of "the medicine of a really fearful household" of ,The "mackerel fish powder Chinese meat dumpling" and the "mackerel fish powder sushi" using "fish powder of the mackerel",Mayonnaise is applied to "mackerel fish powder credit boiled rice" and bread, and mackerel fish powder is carried,A cheese is scattered, and it burns until a cheese melts in a toaster oven,"Mackerel fish powder thick deep-fried tofu" etc. covered over fire until burn without pulling the "mackerel fish powder boiled rice" and oil which carry a "mackerel fish powder cheese toast" and mackerel fish powder optimum dose on boiled rice until it makes the surface of thick deep-fried tofu into beautifully brown with a frying pan, and it puts mackerel fish powder on thick deep-fried tofu, it covers and fish powder gets warm.
Moreover, the "tomato bean paste" dish using tomato paste was introduced also as a dish of Alzheimer prophylaxis as the prophylaxis food and a recipe of an Alzheimer disease. A "tomato bean paste spicy Korean-style stew pan", "tomato bean paste double cooked pork", "tomato miso soup", etc.