Thursday, November 16, 2006

The informational over the Alzheimer disease in Japan (what was reported in a television or mass media)
■ It became clear on the 1st that the short nap for less than 30 minutes may control the onset risk of an Alzheimer disease. Takashi Asada, the National Center for Mental Health and Neurology Musashi hospital psychiatrist chief, announced in 17th Japanese Society of Dementia Research.
■ The research team which uses Professor Yaakov Stern of Columbia University clinical neuropsychology as a leader,It made to have devised the official for predicting a pass of an Alzheimer disease into the evident for the first time, and stated [ "this can be useful when caregivers including a medical practitioner, a patient, and a household form a synthetic medical plan", and ].
■ There is "eraser in my head" as a Japanese movie dealing with a juvenilis Alzheimer.
[The content of the movie]
Sujin of the president daughter of a construction firm is a simple and innocent young lady. Holding fatal encounter at Tyoruth and the convenience store of builder wish, two persons have fallen to love immediately. Although it was a man to whom Tyorth has been alone useful unlike Sujin which was surrounded by warm households and grew up, it decides to get married on self-sacrificing love of Sujin. Two persons greet a newlywed life openly. He also passed the test of a registered architect and it was a two happinessful of persons. However, from a certain time, forgetfulness becomes severe and Sujin came to forget even the route to its own house. It is diagnosed in a hospital that Sujin is juvenilis Alzheimer's disease.
October [ [2005 year ] 22 disclose refer site: goo movie]